A rustic decoration with photos

A tree branch decoration with photos and wooden clips 

As you saw in an earlier post, we built a vacation Chalet Voronet and I made chunky blankets for the beds. I also made some decorations for the walls. Not something very big because I wanted that furniture to be the main hero in the room.

With only a few printed photos and a tree branch I made a beautiful decoration with a rustic feeling for 2 of the rooms.

On the internet, there are so many ideas that can inspire you. All you need is to search the one that goes well with your room.

I got some beautiful wooden clips with small pieces of wood from our friends. I wanted to do something special so I used them to hold the photos instead using the simple wooden ones.

All you need is:

-          3 photos (10 X 15)
-          Twine
-          Tree branch
-          Wooden clips

As you see in the photo is very is to do it. Even the kids can do it. Cut 4 pieces of twine: 3 for the photos and one for hanging. Tie the 3 pieces around the branch and then around the wooden clips. 

You can decide the length after you attach the photos. The forth piece of twine will be for hanging, so make it as long as you like. Attach the photos anyway you like it after you put the branch on the wall. 
It will be easier to see the length of the twines. You can change the length if needed.

Have fun making a decoration like that!
A tree branch decoration with photos and wooden clips 

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