Jeans vase

Jeans vase

This vase is unique and made with recycled materials: a glass bottle and an old pair of jeans.

I saw lots of ideas dressing a bottle in a leg of a jeans and I thought to make it more interesting and sew parts of pants and dress the bottle in this parts.

I have lots of interesting glass bottles and I transform them in interesting vases. Each vase is absolutely one of the kind.
This could be an amazing gift or a decoration in your house.

This vase is perfect for live or dry arrangements or as a nice sculpture on a book shelf.


-       Old pair of jeans
-       Glue
-       Strong thread or yarn
-       Glass bottle


Cut small patches from the pants round or triangle. Start sewing them using the glass bottle to shape it. It doesn’t need to be really tight on the bottle. You can glue it or leave it just like that if you want to change it.

Goes very well with dry grass and flowers. Enjoy DIY!  

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