Black roses wreath

Christmas wreath

My DIY trip started with wreaths for Christmas. First were very simple and then they got a little complicated. I remember the first one being only from pine green branches. Time passed and I become better at wreaths.

The one I show you here is still a simple one and easy to make.


-          Wrath made from branches  (bought in the store)
-          Black homemade roses
-          Star orange skin (I made them when I was eating oranges)
-          Glue
-          Golden yarn
-          Orange bow tie

In the shop you can find any size of wreaths. I choose a small one because I had only a few black roses. I made them from an old French cap my mom had.

Glue the roses and leave space for the orange stars. To make them golden I paint them with golden paint. Glue the stars and then wrap the golden yarn around the wrath. Make a cross around the orange stars to make them stay better. At the end add the bow tie.
You can mix the colors: green and red, yellow and blue, silver and blue, etc.

Enjoy DIY!  
Christmas wreath 

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