Hanging photos on the wall without a frame

Hanging photos on the wall without a frame

I have lots of photos printed because I love to see my photos on paper. I always want to put them on the wall but the cost of so many frames and the amount of place they take just made me to back down. I start looking for internet for some inspiration and this is one of my ideas. I have plenty more to show you. 

I will put them in the guest house I told you about and will go great with the blanket because I used the same yarn.  Here is the blanket: Chunky blanket for guest house.

You will need yarn, photos without a frame, a crochet and some tape. I used a round piece of an old round box and I wrapped it in yarn all around. I start crocheting a single chain stitch. Make it as long as you want.  Mine has 50 cm.

Tape the photos on your yarn in the order you like. Leave a little space between them and at the ends.

To end your project add a tassel. It will keep your crochet chain straight.

This is an easy project and everything you use you can find it around the house.  

Enjoy DIY! 
Hanging photos on the wall without a frame

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