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Autumn inspiration

If you search the internet you will find lots of websites and blogs about knitting and crocheting, about things to do it yourself. It is a great way to learn if you don’t know anybody to help you. Live videos or photos instructions are just so close to you at any time and in any language.
I have my inspirations site that I love to watch. Just subscribe to anyone you like and your life will get easier.
I know to crochet some patterns, others I like to try it first to see if I can do it without the help. If I can’t, I look for help. I always ask for help. Even in real life. I don’t want to lose precious time when I can ask indications.
I will add a few links that I really like and you can feel free to add more in comments if you have. There are not in any order, just the way I find them in my computer at my favorites.
Felted button – Susan has a wonderful blog with lots of patterns. Check it out. You will be so impressed.
-Lilla bjorn crochet – Tatsiana is a dream come true. Her webs…

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