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Knitted shawl

When I find a stitch I like, I am getting so crazy about making it so I start thinking about projects I could use that stitch. I have a long list on paper or computer with stitches and projects. All I need is time.
I saw this pattern lots of time and I knew is easy to make. I didn’t read any pattern, I just imagine how I would do it. I don’t know if it is the proper one, but I really like the way it looked in the end.  
This shawl is an easy one to make even for knitting beginner. You can make also a blanket or a baby blanket.
Size: 100cm X 50cm
Yarn: I used 5 skeins of yarn. I got it from my mother in law when my baby boy was born to make something for him. She gave me lots of yarn to knit. I just found this and I thought I can use it for a baby blanket or a shawl.
This pattern is good for any yarn and any knitted needles, and of course any color. You can actually make it with different colors and different sizes for the margin or the squares.
Cast 200 stitches.
The first 10 rows…

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