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Knitted scarf

I discovered this pattern a long time ago watching YouTube video. Searching on Ravelry I discovered that Mary Walker Phillips is the person who created this beautiful pattern. She wrote a book in 1970' where she gives examples on how to play with this beautiful stitch.
My scarf is the simple stitch but you can do amazing patterns with this yarn over stitch. Have fun!

I was buying yarn a few weeks ago in my small town when I discovered a really nice lady who was showing the same pattern to another lady. I asked her if I could watch her because I was so sure it was the pattern I was thinking. And it was. And we start talking about yarn and needles and patterns and videos on YouTube and we liked each other on the spot. I told her that she made my day because I was so happy to find a really good yarn store in my small city and because she was so happy to help me.
She was knitting a scarf like this in the shop so she showed me exactly the steps. I bought yarn and needles and I said to…

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