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Vase made out of a bottle and a t-shirt

When you have empty glass bottles that don't look interesting transform them in vases. You can play with your kids and make them as art projects and also a great way to spend quality time with your kids. You can teach them how to do it and then use then as gifts for friends or family or just decorations for your house.
Materials: - glass bottle - old t-shirt g - glue - silver spray paint - buttons  - bow
Cut a piece of the t-shirt and wrapped it around the bottle. Glue it to the bottle in lots of places so it keeps the shape you want to have it. Let it dry for a few hours.
Sew a few buttons on the t-shirt so it looks more interesting.
Paint the vase and let it dry. You don't need to apply the same amount of paint everywhere. It will look better if is not even. At the end, attached the bow and put in the vase some dried flowers. you will get a great vase with cheap materials. you can use any color so it will match your house. Be bold! 
Enjoy making your own vase!

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